Treaties & Agreements















Sykes-Picot Agreement 1916


Faisel-Weizmann Agreement 1919 


Egyptian-Israeli General Armistice Agreement 1949


Israel-Jordan Armistice Agreement 1949


Israel-Lebanon Armistice Agreement 1949


Israel-Syria Armistice Agreement 1949


Separation of Forces Agreement between Egypt & Israel 1974


Separation of Forces Agreement between Syria & Israel 1974


Interim Agreement between Israel and Egypt 1975


Framework for Peace in the Middle East-Camp David 1978


Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel 1979



Memorandum of Agreement between USA and Israel 1979


Memorandum of Understanding between USA and Israel on Strategic Cooperation 1981


Declaration of Principles on Interim Self-Government Arrangements (Oslo I) 1993


Protocol on Economic Relations between Israel and PLO (Paris) 1994


Agreement on the Gaza Strip and Jerico Area (Cairo) 1994 

  Annex 1

  Annex 2

  Annex 3

  Annex 4

  Letters and Maps


Agreement on preparatory transfer of powers 1994


Peace Treaty between Jordan and Israel 1994



Interim Agreement about West Bank and Gaza Strip 1995

Annexes 1 & 2

Annexes 3 to 6


Protocol of Redeployment in Hebron 1997


Wye River Memorandum 1998


Sharm ElSheikh Memorandum 1999


Agreements on movement and access from and to Gaza 2005